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About us | Nehemiah Center

Who are we?

When the walls in Jerusalem had been broken down, God called Nehemiah to rebuild them.
Like Jerusalem’s walls, many of Nicaragua’s physical, social, and spiritual structures have been broken down by natural disasters, civil wars, and government corruption.

About Us


In 1999, the vision of the Nehemiah Center was birthed through a Conference on Biblical Worldview and Community Development which was a collaboration between Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) now known as Resonate Global Mission, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) now known as World Renew, and Food for the Hungry (FH).

Core Values

Biblical Worldview
Servant Leadership
Centrality of the Church
Holistic Mission





Nicaragua is a country known for its faith in God. More than 95 percent of Nicaraguans confess to believe, fear and be dependent on God.

This faith manifests itself in many types or religious services, celebrations throughout the year.