Church Strengthening

Accompanying the local church in the process of self-evaluation
to bring to light their biblical focus

Church Strengthening

Recent investigations confirm that the Evangelical Church in Nicaragua has experienced amazing growth in the last number of decades. Between 2001-2014 the number of Nicaraguans that confess to be Christian believers has almost doubled and the number of church meeting places has also multiplied.

Thus multiplication of Christian believers shows the incredible effort of the church in the preaching of the gospel, however it has also given rise to doubt of the effectiveness of their discipleship and in general the health of their ministries. This is seen in the neighborhoods and communities as they continue to deteriorate. Studies have also shown that domestic violence, divorce, teen pregnancies, common crimes, youth suicides and cases of femicide have reached alarming levels in recent years.

The Church Strengthening Department exists to accompany the local church in the process of self-evaluation, to bring to light their biblical focus, the mission of God and the needs within their surroundings. Through a series of worships, reflective exercises and planning this department is contributing to the better health and strength of the local church, as much in the proclamation for the Good News as in other elements of the church life.

The themes that the Church Strengthening Department is developing are the following:

  • Vital Functions and Elements of a Healthy Church
  • The Relational and Incarnational Ministry of Jesus
  • Faith-walking, development of character and a life of integrity
  • Mentorship in Biblical and Family Counseling