Cross-Cultural Connections

Living, learning and serving in a cross-cultural context allows for
practical experience and an opportunity for growth.

Cross-Cultural Connections

International Collaborators

Developing cross-cultural relationships and collaboration is one of the core values and foundations of the Nehemiah Center.  One of the first questions that was asked by Darryl Mortensen, founder of the Nehemiah Center was “Will you be my friend?”.  Next came, “How can we work together to make a difference in Nicaragua?”

Today, six organizations work together at the Nehemiah Center in transforming the nation of Nicaragua.  They not only share office space but ideas, vision and resources.  And still other international organizations collaborate with specific initiatives of the Nehemiah Center or encourage the advancement of the mission and vision.  Each relationship brings a unique gift and permits the Nehemiah Center to continue to minister and be a light in Nicaragua.


Church Friendship

Friendship churches are Nicaraguan and North American congregations that want to form direct relationships with each other.  The desire is to cultivate cross-cultural sister- church relationships to benefit the Church of Christ. The program emphasizes the unity and diversity of believers throughout the world, as well as the opportunity to learn, pray and encourage one another. Three Nicaraguan churches from different denominations form a geographical group that pairs with a North American church. The friendship focuses on prayer and mutual encouragement within the local group of Nicaraguan pastors as well as relationships with North American churches.

Cohort of Missioners

Spend a year in an intentional community and be transformed by your experience of immersing yourself in the Nicaraguan culture, serving alongside grassroots leaders and growing in spiritual formation. The Cohort of Missioners is for young adults looking for a break from academics to focus on creating a greater sense of self-awareness and gain practical experience.