Bethany Beachum & Hultner Estrada
With this quote, Luz Urania Largaespada describes the contribution that CRWRC has made to the growth of the Nehemiah Center, one of the institutions CRWRC has worked with in Nicaragua promoting the transformational development of families, communities, and the whole nation.
Since 1962, the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) has contributed to helping thousands of people who live in poor communities find the roads to work their own way out of poverty.  “We are happy and our hearts are moved by the 50th anniversary of CRWRC,” expressed Pastor Daniel Boniche, director of the Nehemiah Center.
The work of CRWRC strives to connect people with their God-given dignity; it is work that demonstrates the love of the Savior and His love for justice and mercy.
In the words of Pastor Boniche, “CRWRC has been very involved with the Nehemiah Center since its beginnings, and each time we have come up against a new challenge, CRWRC has been a resource for the appropriate training to overcome the challenge.”
Luz Urania Largaespada, coordinator of trainings at the Nehemiah Center, emphasizes the contribution CRWRC has made to the formation and training of personnel, pastors, and leaders in a way that integrates the different networks and programs.  “We have received training in the topics of Results Based Management, Education Based in Dialogue, and the Dimensions of Transformational Development – all key components of our work.”
“We have been trained in all of the justice themes we promote,” adds Luz, “Topics such as HIV-AIDS, domestic violence, and human trafficking.  CRWRC has allowed us to share these topics with other national and international partners and has also given us economic resources to carry out specific projects geared toward families, churches, and communities that have been affected by these social issues.”
Teresa Bobadilla, director of Christian Medical Action, another one of CRWRC’s partner agencies, stresses the Holistic Mission element of the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee’s work.  “This is a component that has strengthened the efforts of community development that many people are carrying out in their communities and families,” she states, “Therefore we want to congratulate all of those who collaborate with CRWRC in different countries around the world and especially in Nicaragua.”
Luz Urania Largaespada points out another detail that has been significant in the partnership between CRWRC and the Nehemiah Center, “The fact that the representative of CRWRC shares an office with us has been a great support.  He has been a source of consultation and constant accompaniment during this time, not only in the topics that correspond to the institution but in other issues as well.  Every time we have consulted him, he has had a wise word to offer us,” concludes Luz Urania.
Our best wishes for all the brothers and sisters of CRWRC.  Keep up the spirit of bringing acts of comfort and mercy to the most downtrodden.