Holistic Mission

Education Program, Community Development Program and Kingdom Business Program

Holistic Mission

Education Program

Education plays a crucial role in the holistic development of a person. In the Bible we see that God insisted that human beings seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Creator and his purposes, since the loss of these elements leads to a life of little fruit and an underdeveloped society.

With this understanding, the Nehemiah Center highly values the influence of Christian schools in the life of their students and the general society. We believe that as Christian schools and their educators grow in understanding of their role as agents of change, their influence on the function of holistic citizens will reach even further.

During the past eight years, the Nehemiah Center has worked in collaboration with the Association of Christian Education Centers of Nicaragua (abbreviation in Spanish ACECEN) for the development of the Education Program, which is dedicated to the strengthening of Christian schools in three vital areas: administration, organization, and pedagogy. Through a Continual Improvement Plan (CIP), more than 120 Christian schools at a national level are walking towards academic excellence and incorporating biblical worldview principles in their regular study plans.

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Community Development Program

Each day God is kindling a greater interest within the local churches for the preaching and demonstrating of a holistic gospel that is committed to the improvement of the quality of life in their neighbourhoods. Through the Community Development program, the Nehemiah Center is connecting and accompanying these churches in the implementation of strategies that contribute to the holistic development of their communities. Up until now, our work has used two distinct tools.

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Strategy of Urban Transformation (Spanish acronym ETU).
The Strategy of Urban Transformation trains people and implements changes that transform urban communities. In this program, churches and community leaders can:

  • Discover the priorities of their communities (problems and dreams) that need to be worked on.
  • Identify the resources (human and material) that the community already has for the advancement.
  • Awaken the interest among neighbours to help each other, depending less on external agents.
  • Prepare Action Plans that help the community members guide themselves to achieve their dreams.
  • Form ETU teams for short- and long-term development initiatives that contribute to change.

Among the initiatives that the ETU team is currently developing are; Children Feeding Centers, Community Savings Program, Educational Activities about Safe Sex, Domestic  Violence, Healthy Nutrition, HIV-AIDS awareness, among others.

IMPACT Clubs *.
IMPACT Clubs encourage the transformation process through the involvement of the efforts, spirit, and ideas of the youth in the communities, who are often ignored.

Accordingly, IMPACT Clubs have meetings and activities carefully designed to offer the youth the opportunity to strengthen their character, grow in fellowship, better understand spiritual values, and learn skills that allow them to make active contributions to solve problems and reach the dreams of the community.

To date, more than 130 youth between the ages of 10 and 25 are participating in the meetings and small community projects with the support of 5 facilitators.

*IMPACT Clubs were originally created by New Horizons Foundation in Romania, and are currently being implemented in Nicaragua as a pilot project.

Kingdom Business Program

As a country en route to development, Nicaragua still possesses a limited capacity to generate sufficient quality employment. This deficit of stable work and fair wages has obligated thousands of Nicaraguans to earn their livelihood by their own means, which leads them to start their own small business.

However, even though small businesses are an alternative means for day-to- day survival, they are not a guarantee for overcoming economic problems in the long term. Those who are self-employed have little possibility for training, growth, and access to financial backing.

“Kingdom Businesses” is a program of training and mentorship for small Christian businesses in Nicaragua with the hope of strengthening their business capacities and accompany them in the process of growth as instruments of God for the holistic development of the nation, by means of working in cooperation.

In recent years, more than 120 participants in this program have been in talking and learning about these topics:

  • Long-term vision for their business.
  • Preparing a business plan
  • Effective marketing for their business
  • Developing their business through networking

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