Ligia Berrios is a member of the Santidad de Jehova church in the neighborhood of Eugenio Perez, Leon. A neighborhood located next to the city dump.

In this neighborhood, the majority of families survive by foraging for recyclable plastic and other materials, many of whom live below the poverty line. In addition to the economic difficulties, they have suffered the adversity of violence and insecurity in their neighbourhood, “but the time that has been invested with the Strategy of Urban Transformation (ETU) has not been in vain,” expresses Ligia, who has participated in the ETU team in her community for many years.

“I have seen how this neighbourhood has gone from being a dangerous place to being a safe place”, comments Ligia. “Now the women who return home from work at night can arrive safely to their homes, without the fear of being assaulted in the streets”, she adds.

Ligia Berrios comments that through the ETU team in her community, they have elaborated plans of transformation, “and have worked a lot with the youth, who have been protaganists of the insecurity there before; many of them now collaborate and look out for the good image of this neighbourhood,” she says with a big smile.