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Serve | Nehemiah Center


Come and get a glimpse of what we are doing!


Come on a Short-term Team (7-10 days)

Short-term teams are a great way to learn about the work of the Nehemiah Center and begin to understand the context of our ministry. Teams are invited to come spend time learning about Nicaragua, what makes the Nehemiah Center unique and serve in specific areas of interest such as church strengthening, education, business, and community development.

Teams are facilitated through our International Collaborators (World Renew, CRWM, Missionary Ventures, Partners Worldwide, EduDeo). For more information contact these organizations’ through the links provided.

Be a Volunteer (2-12 months)

Come for an extended visit to Nicaragua and stay between 2-12 months by volunteering at the Nehemiah Center. This is a great way to connect and build relationships with Nicaraguans, really learn the culture and improve your Spanish language skills. There are a range of volunteer opportunities available at the Nehemiah Center. For more info on specific opportunities and volunteer needs, please write us at info[@], include a cover letter telling us about yourself and your CV or Resume.

Complete an Internship (3 – 12 months)

Combine education and practical experience by participating in an internship geared to your area of study at the Nehemiah Center. Options include; Education, Business, Theology and Missions, Community Development, International Relations, and Communications. If you are interested in learning more about participating in an internship, please contact us at info[@]

Come for a SPIN! (3 month semester program)

Earn credit and experience a different culture at the same time! The Semester Program in Nicaragua is a unique experience combining in class learning with practical service opportunities in your area of study. Live with a host family, immerse yourself in the culture and learn Spanish are all part of the experience of spending a semester on SPIN. For more details please contact us at spin[@]

Cohort of Missioners (1 year program)

Spend a year in an intentional community and be transformed by your experience of immersing yourself in the Nicaraguan culture, serving alongside grassroots leaders and growing in spiritual formation. The Cohort of Missioners is for young adults looking for a break from academics to focus on creating a greater sense of self-awareness and gain practical experience. For more information on how to join the Cohort of Missioners, contact us at info[@]