Luz Urania Largaespada with Kathy Most
Some confessions may take us by surprise. We asked pastor Evenor Maltez how the trainings for pastoral couples had helped him to improve his life over the last year, and this was his response:
“When you’re a pastor, sometimes you put on a mask to pretend that everything is okay. Participating in the training as a couple, has helped us take off that mask and become aware of our need to learn. “
Although Evenor and Lolita have been Christians for long time, they began their ministry at Tabernacle Family Church in Estelí six years ago, and decided that the ministry in the community would have an emphasis on the family, but often felt that they had to wear a mask so that others did not perceive their relationship problems.
As a result of their involvement in the training for the network of pastoral couples that the Nehemiah Center promotes, they have realized that they do not need to wear a mask to cover the conflicts. They can talk about them in an environment specially designed to promote dialogue, discover each of their responsibilities and find ways to solve them, along with other colleagues who also have similar problems.
“In an open environment for learning where you feel relaxed and safe, it is easier to talk, it’s easy to see we’re not the only ones who have these problems and that we have the ability to change,” says Lolita, who also says they want to learn how to use the dialogue methodology to help other couples.
Nehemiah Center’s goal is about promoting a network of pastoral couples to facilitate the comprehensive transformation of families. This transformation is achieved when couples become close, develop transparency, and assist each other in their growth. The network is a place for couples, with the mediation of a marriage mentor, designed to facilitate dialogue on critical issues, in a friendly setting that allows them to build confidence.
Now Evenor and Lolita take time once a week (every Monday), to discuss

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the difficulties and challenges they face as a family, they work on a family budget that is helping them to achieve financial peace, and have included their children in making new decisions.

“Communication has improved a lot,” say both.

Every couple faces conflicts, both large and small. The challenge of every marriage is to build in the right amount of time, in the most appropriate setting, to talk about their differences in a spirit of humility and love.
Do two walk together
unless they have agreed to do so?
Amos 3:3